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Camp Settoga

Day Camp

Over the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of talking with so many families and campers about summer 2021. There is so much excitement in the air as we plan for a summer that is better than ever - a chance to see friends, return to favorite activities and try new things! We can’t wait to see the kids in just a few months. As we prepare for this summer, we wanted to share an itemized list* of some of the measures that will be in place, as we look toward keeping our campers and staff healthy and safe. I would be happy to talk more about any of these details anytime!

Camp Registration – Registration is open now and is available on a rolling basis. We would love to talk more about the options available for your family and help with the registration details. We are happy to talk more about session dates as well as answer any questions you may have about changing session dates or plans.

Health Screenings – All campers and staff will participate in daily health screenings, which will include temperature checks and questionnaires regarding potential risks and exposures. No child or staff member with a temperature over 100 degrees Fahrenheit or displaying other symptoms of COVID-19 will be permitted at camp for the day, or longer, as assessed by our medical staff before the child or staff member returns.

Camp Medical Staff – As in previous summers, camp will employ a registered nurse and/or EMT who will be onsite each day. There will be designated spaces for general first aid and medication distribution, as well as isolation spaces for suspected COVID-19 cases.

COVID-19 Testing – At this time we have not made a final decision on a testing policy for Summer 2021. We are continuing to research this topic and will update families as summer nears. Considerations include requiring a negative test prior to the start of your child’s camp session, as well as in-camp testing on a regular basis.

Cleaning and Disinfecting – Camp will hire additional custodial staff this summer to manage the growing need to clean and sanitize common areas. Shared equipment will be disinfected after each use, and each camper group will have its own allotment of supplies such as art supplies, cards, board games, etc. In addition, handwashing and hand sanitizer stations will be added throughout camp.

COVID-19 Positive Case Response – As you are aware from school year protocol, the rules around positive case response continue to evolve. In the event of a positive test, the DOH and CDC will determine who has to quarantine, and for how long. This information will be provided prior to the start of camp.

Camp Capacity – In order to safely distance groups, the overall capacity of camp will likely be reduced, which will limit availability in each age group.

Session Length and Camper Grouping – As in past summers, camp will have two distinct start dates, and sessions will run four weeks’ each. At Settoga, campers can also extend beyond session one for a total of five, six or seven weeks. Camper groups will be designed with the same care and intentionality as past summers, with special attention given to friend groups who were together in the past school year. Current guidelines limit camper groups to 15 campers, and do not allow the groups to mix for activities throughout the day.

Transportation to Camp Settoga – Busing to and from camp will continue as in previous summers but with reduced capacities on each of our camp buses. Final capacities will be dictated by the NYC Department of Health and CDC guidelines. All campers and staff will be required to wear masks while traveling to and from camp. As always, eating will not be permitted on the buses, and the option to drop off and pick up at camp will be made available to families who prefer that their children take the bus.

Visitor Policy – There will be no visitors at camp during Summer 2021, including parent visitors, performers, or outside groups. This will also mean that there will be no family days this summer.

Trips Out of Camp – There will be no outside trips during Summer 2021.

Inclement Weather – We do not intend to cancel camp in the event of inclement weather; however, there are implications to this decision. On a rainy day, we will continue to provide programming in our covered spaces. In the event of prolonged rain, we will likely need to move some camp groups indoors for short activity periods. All children and staff must wear masks indoors.

Snack and Lunch – Snack will be served daily at both camps. Lunch will be served at Camp Settoga in individual portions with a small side salad. Pasta and sandwiches will be available upon request as well. In each camp, groups will be assigned tables for snack and lunch thats will be distanced from one another. There will be water refilling stations all over camp and staff will be responsible for filling the water bottles when needed. Staff will wear gloves when doing so.

General Programming – All programming will take place at safe distances and with proper protocols in place. Groups will not mix during program times and consideration will be made for the pathways campers take to and from each program. It is possible that times for instructional and recreational swim will be combined to reduce locker room and changing times and maximize camper time in the pool.

*Please note that this list will change throughout the year as the state of the virus evolves and we continue to receive guidance from the New York State Department of Health, the CDC, and The American Camp Association. The local Department of Health, which grants our camps’ permits to operate, will have the final say on all safety protocols that will be in place for Summer 2021 and beyond.

Looking forward to talking more. Please be in touch with any questions.