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Enthusiasm, energy, and positivity are Settoga hallmarks, and this will be evident from your first visit. Our staff and campers bring so much energy to the day that at times it seems as if each activity is the high point of the summer. This energy translates into eager participation and self-motivated learning from staff and campers alike. Your child will leave Settoga with incredible memories, meaningful friendships, and a new place to call home.

Settoga Moments

Camp Settoga is a place for growth and development. A Settoga moment is a way to acknowledge and highlight a moment in time that illustrates personal growth, overcoming an obstacle, achieving a goal, or any positive individual experience that happens in camp. Our Settoga moments board at the center of camp is a prized way of sharing a personal moment of growth with our Settoga community at large. Settoga moments can happen anywhere at any time, so don’t hesitate to share your child's Settoga moments with us well after the summer ends!


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