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Genna Singer

Genna Singer joined the staff at the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan in June 2002, assisting the day camp director during the first summer of camp. Genna grew up attending day camp and overnight camp, and worked as a staff member in overnight camp for five years. In September 2002, Genna became the director of After School Programs at the JCC, while maintaining an active role in the summer camps as well. In September 2006, Genna became the director of camps. She developed our outdoor camp, the Day Camp @ Pearl River, while also maintaining our programs at the JCC: the Day Camp @ the JCC and Summer Stock Theater Camp. In 2016, Genna’s dream of opening a camp on our very own property was realized as she opened Camp Settoga. Genna was most excited to watch our camp traditions and amazing programming come alive at Camp Settoga. Genna combines a love of children, a passion for camp, and a desire to help families find their place at the JCC as she plans for the summer. Whether visiting the pool deck on the 6th floor, baking challah on the campfire, or wandering in and out of classrooms on the 2nd floor, Genna marvels as each child finds a new bit of his/herself at the JCC Summer Camps.


Adam Metzger

Adam began working at the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan in 2009 as a floating teacher in the nursery school, a coach for afterschool sports, and a coach at our camp in Pearl River. He has spent nearly every summer of his life as a camper, counselor, specialist, or director at a variety of camps across the country and feels at home in the camp environment. He is currently a head teacher in the nursery school and an emeritus member of the school's Leadership Team. He received his M.S.T. in early childhood general and special education from The Graduate School of Education at Fordham University. In 2017, Adam received the Robert M. Sherman Young Pioneers Award from the Jewsh Education Project, which recognizes educators who push the boundaries of Jewish education. Adam believes that children are capable, and creators of their own knowledge, and that community is at the heart of what we do both as early childhood educators and members of a day camp staff.


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